The new season

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The new season

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The new season, Kudiniao still maintained a strong external long-range ability. The game against the city of Hull, the Brazilian city in Hull City pulled back a city less than two minutes, in the restricted area before the left side of the pass to pull the ball after the ball, The angle of the shot, the right foot pocket after the corner hit the door , the ball draw a wonderful arc, straight to the right corner of the goal. Kutiniao once again scored by long distance.

The fans wear Gijon athletic shirt, but he is Nemal's loyal fans. The fans suffer from Down's syndrome, the disease in China is also known as "Down's Day." Patients are often very low IQ, and after 30 years of age will appear symptoms of Alzheimer's disease.

After playing the game, Nei Maer ran to the home team stand, and took off the fans dedicated to the name of the fans. This fan gave Nei Maer a warm embrace, this scene is really moving. Nei Maer is often the Western media to pick out all kinds of problems accused, but in dealing with the fans ... ersey.html, he did a superstar to do everything.

Chelsea and Arsenal's London derby, according to past war record no doubt Chelsea prevailed. But the game played only 11 minutes, Arsenal first score. Sanchez with Cahill's return error ... ersey.html , off the ball after the single-handedly into the restricted area of ??the face of the Quur Tuwa, kick kick to get the lead.
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