Only Ketel Marte's first-inning bunt single dented his armo

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Only Ketel Marte's first-inning bunt single dented his armo

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PHOENIX -- Two things were abundantly clear about the Los angeles Dodgers on Monday night, and both propelled them into their second straight National League Championship Series.

First: Yu Darvish, a trade-deadline acquisition brought in specifically for this time of the year, gave the Dodgers exactly what they needed.

Second: Even [url=]college basketball jerseys[/url] before Darvish was added, the Dodgers were baseball's best team with top-to-bottom excellence, featuring a deep [url=]college football jersey[/url] roster that had been unexpectedly bolstered by the right-on-time arrival of the National League's top rookie, Cody Bellinger.

All of this was on display Monday, as the Dodgers stymied the Arizona Diamondbacks 3-1 to complete the only three-game sweep of the four division series this season.

"Yu really stepped up huge for us, " Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said. "He was in command and control from the first pitch, working to both sides of the plate.

"It was just fun to watch him have his nerves calm and just compete. He was out there having fun. "

With Diamondbacks ace Zack Greinke on the mound, the efficiency of the Dodgers' lineup waited out Greinke time after time.

Chris Taylor worked Greinke deep in the count to lead off the game, then unloaded on a slider for a double. He scored on Bellinger's roller for the first run, all the scoring there was until the fifth inning.

But the Dodgers worked Greinke for five walks -- the most he'd allowed since Aug. 15, 2014, when he pitched for L. A. By the end of the fifth, his pitch count had topped 100.

"It's just a collective group of guys willing to do whatever it takes to win a ballgame, [url=]cheap basketball jerseys[/url] " Bellinger said. "Unselfish and the way guys pass the baton and pick each other up [url=]ncaa basketball jersey[/url] is incredible. "

Meanwhile, Darvish was dealing. Only Ketel Marte's first-inning bunt single dented his armor. After that, Darvish retired 13 straight. He struck out the side in the fourth, and Jake Lamb to start the fifth.

"I think his competing was unbelievable, " said emerging L. A. backstop Austin Barnes. "When he's on his game, he's tough for any lineup. "

This was the deadline hammer the Dodgers were applying, Darvish coming over to carry them to a series clincher. But that's not how the Dodgers are built. It's never one guy.

"If I was the manager, I'd do the same thing, " Darvish said, demonstrating his buy-in to a program he has been a part of for a little over two months. "Use all the bullpen [options] because we have an off day tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. ".
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