Asamoa left steal the ball oblique

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Asamoa left steal the ball oblique

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Asamoa left steal the ball oblique, Hedi pull the central area of ??selfless cross knock, right ribs unmarked Manzhu Qi Qi Tuo Siwei Wei flying saved the bottom line. The first 72 minutes, Piani Qi arc at the front of the free kick to the end of the point, Manzhu Qiqian inserted shot broke, but the side of the flag flag offside first, the goal is invalid ... ersey.html from the slow camera, Man Zhu really explore Out of a body position. 83 minutes, Palermo oblique fast break, Nestorovsky restricted area on the left side of the small angle volley volley, Buffon firmly put the ball under the body ... ersey.html The end of the game, Juventus away to get 3 points.

On the pitch, Nei Maer led Barcelona 5 to 0 massacre Gijon athletics, he is the home team fans in the eyes nail. But after the game, he was extremely friendly to the Gijon fans ... ersey.html In the final whistle, Nei Maer even took off his jersey, gave a mentally handicapped home team fans!

Clop in the last season from Rogers's hands took the Red Army's handsome, took over the team soon after, the spirit of the Red Army players there has been a huge improvement. Although the slag did not lead the Red Army to win a tournament champion ... ersey.html did not even get the new season, the European Cup qualifying, but Liverpool executives still renew with its six seasons, it is enough to see the trust of the residue.
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